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We often get asked, “Who is Buck Short?”  The question isn’t “Who” but “Where is Buck Short?”

We are Plural not Possessive

Buck Short is the 10th player on a Softball team, or the 11th player on a Kickball team.  They usually hang around second base, especially when playing in a “Kegger” game. 

Part infielder and part outfielder, the Buck Short position requires a true “Utility Player.”

The Buck Short is the “Team Player,” usually because they were chosen last, and at this age I sometimes want to be last.

Robbing hitters, and I guess kickers of “Texas Leaguers,” is a mainstay of the Buck Short.

Since the Buck Short is in the middle of nearly every play, they often become ball hogs, so you need to make sure they don’t hold onto their balls too long.

Because they are an afterthought, the Buck Short may have a low self-image, so when they start crying on the field, just laugh at them along with the other team.

Still yelling “Hey Batter, Batter” in middle age, is because the Buck Short is losing their memory.

Maybe we weren’t good enough to be in the starting 9, but together we can all have fun and win a few games, without taking ourselves too seriously, and greet each other with a hearty,

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